Welcome to Sunflowers and Baseballs!


Welcome to Sunflowers and Baseballs and to my very first post.  Sunflowers and Baseballs,  why the name?  I’m so proud you asked.

Sunflowers and Baseballs received its name, well basically because I love sunflowers and baseballs.  Sorry that’s not an earth shattering revelation but that’s exactly how it came to be.

My hope for Sunflowers and Baseballs (S&B) is that it becomes an informative and FUN blog about my passions (which by the way are my FAMILY; my HOME; sports, especially BASEBALL; and my love of MUSIC).

My dream is that S&B will become a “go to” for ideas, inspiration, entertainment, and at times maybe a laugh or two.

I must, in full disclosure, let my readers be aware that I am professionally a registered nurse and not a writer.  With that in mind I truly hope I don’t butcher grammar or for that matter any of the English language.

I would find it an honor for you to check in on me frequently and see how this adventure is coming along and which path it is taking.

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.  James 4:10


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Hello! Welcome to my blog site. I am a registered nurse with a passion for my family, my home, sports (especially baseball) and music. I feel God's power everyday in my life and am thankful for his love.

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